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I’m Not Usually This Cheesy About Family History

I have something to admit.

In addition to not having written a blog post in a long time, I haven’t done family history work in a little while. I got out of classes for the summer and BAM laziness. But I found that I was beginning to miss it.  And, as someone who just started doing family history work a few months ago, it was kind of surprising to me. I had thought that family history was just my major and something that I felt like I should do because my mom and brother do it.

But I missed family history.

And it was even more than that. Because I had tried to look for random ancestor’s parents or find their birth date. But it was so disjointed that I couldn’t even begin to get into it and I just found it frustrating. You know what that means? The organization of a research plan actually works! Because the idea of selecting a family that needs more work done and doing a census survey then vital records and military and land and probate records makes the process seem so much less daunting than if I just dive into trying to find someone’s parents without any context or anything.


So I have a new project. And I haven’t been necessarily the best I could be at doing the research more than once a week because, remember that laziness I mentioned earlier? But it’s been fun. I’m working on a family that was born in Prussia or Germany or wherever the heck it was back then. And there is a missing father.

So I looked at the FamilySearch Research Wiki for their locality, I started looking at what records were already listed on her page, and I conducted a census survey and was able to find them in all of them (except 1890 of course). I’m still in the beginning stages but I’m on my way.

Don’t give up! Use your research processes–they work. Keep on looking for those missing fathers, brothers, sisters, and daughters. You got this.


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